Our flatbed solutions at CTG enable us to deliver your shipment in a safe and timely manner.

CTG flatbed transport service

Flatbed trailer is a type of shipping that involves the transportation of goods on a flatbed truck. This type of truck has a level surface that allows goods to be transported without being damaged. The entire truck bed is flat, as opposed to a truck that has sides and a roof. This makes it an ideal mode of transportation for goods that are large, oddly shaped, or otherwise difficult to move.

CTG trucking and logistics company provides flatbed truck shipping services for individuals and businesses in Ontario. We have a fleet of trucks with flatbed that can accommodate any type of shipment, and our team of experienced drivers is ready to take your order and get your goods where they need to go.

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What is flatbed shipping

A flatbed trailer is a truck trailer that doesn't have a roof or sides. This allows for larger, taller items to be transported. The items that can be transported on a flatbed trailer vary depending on the size of the trailer and the weight of the cargo. Generally, though, flatbed trailers are used to transport cargo that is too large or heavy for a standard truck trailer and some of the most common items include construction materials, machinery, and vehicles.

Why you should choose CTG tansport flatbed service

Fast service
Anti theft
Professional drivers
For CTG transport and logistics company, timely delivery is very important, hence we ensure fast and safe delivery to meet up with customer’s expectations.
The CTG dry van shipping trucks in Ontario are secured with GPS tracking so as to keep an eye on all your deliveries at all times.
Yes, we have a range of trailer rentals to meet your frieght and logistics demands in Ontario. From dry van shipping, flatbed shipping, reefer, to straight truck and car hauling services, you have it all at CTG Logistics company.
The truck drivers at CTG are professionals and we mean it. From professional customer service to ensuring safe delivery, you can always rely on CTG for efficient logistics and freight services in Ontario
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