CTG prioritizes maintaining the cold chain of the products we haul along with minimizing shipment time on the road. Whether your load contains perishable foods, fruits, dairy or pharmaceuticals

CTG reefer Shipping transport service

Reefer trailer shipping is the transportation of goods that are perishable and or temperature-sensitive. The term reefer comes from the fact that many of these shipments are transported in refrigerated containers or reefers. Reefers can either be used in shipping food and other perishables, or in shipping certain types of cargo that require a controlled environment, like flowers or pharmaceuticals.
CTG Transport is a licensed and insured freight forwarding company that offers a wide range of reefer trailer rentals for businesses throughout Ontario. Our refrigerated truck rental services are perfect for businesses in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries that need to transport temperature-sensitive goods. We have the experience and expertise to handle any size shipment, and we'll work with you to create a customized shipping solution that meets your specific needs.

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What is reefer shipping

Reefer truck shipping is that it maintains a specific temperature to keep cargo cool. The containers are sealed and insulated, which means that the temperature can be controlled. This is important for keeping food and other perishables cold during transport.

Another important benefit of a reefer trailer is cost savings, as reefers use less energy than traditional refrigeration systems, which saves money.

  • The ability to ship perishable items over long distances
  • Preventing spoilage and extending the shelf life of perishable items
  • Reducing food waste
  • Allowing for the transport of temperature-sensitive items

Advantages of choosing CTG tansport reefer shipping service

Timely service
Anti theft
Professional drivers
For CTG transport and logistics company, timely delivery is very important, hence we ensure fast and safe delivery to meet up with customer’s expectations.
The CTG dry van shipping trucks in Ontario are secured with GPS tracking so as to keep an eye on all your deliveries at all times.
Yes, we have a range of trailer rentals to meet your frieght and logistics demands in Ontario. From dry van shippingflatbed shipping, reefer, to straight truck and car hauling services, you have it all in CTG Logistics company.
The CTG drivers are professionals and we mean it. From professional customer service to ensuring safe delivery, you can always rely on CTG for efficient logistics and freight services in Ontario
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