CTG prioritizes maintaining the cold chain of the products we haul along with minimizing shipment time on the road. Whether your load contains perishable foods, fruits, dairy or pharmaceuticals

CTG sraight truck & lTL Shipping

If you are looking for a vehicle that can help your business grow and succeed, you should consider getting a straight truck and Less-Than-Truckload (aka LTL shipping) rentals. Straight Truck and LTL shipping are ideal for transporting freight that is fairly small but can haul more weight than cars or vans. This means you can transport more products and equipment, which can help you grow your business

CTG trucking and shipping company utilizes straight truck rental and LTL capacities for customers around the Ontario metropolis.

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What is straight truck and LTL shipping

The straight truck can be described as a medium-heavy truck or a box truck. Unlike the big trucks, a straight truck has the cargo area and the driver cabin attached to the same frame. Straight truck shipping is commonly used for the transportation of household items such as furniture, boxes, refrigerators, washing machine, etc. Straight trucks and LTL are also ideal for small and medium-sized businesses wanting to move parcels or cartons of items from one location to another.

Advantages of choosing CTG tansport straight truck and LTL shipping service

Timely service
Anti theft
Professional drivers
For CTG transport and logistics company, timely delivery is very important, hence we ensure fast and safe delivery to meet up with customer’s expectations.
The CTG dry van shipping trucks in Ontario are secured with GPS tracking so as to keep an eye on all your deliveries at all times.
Yes, we have a range of trailer rentals to meet your frieght and logistics demands in Ontario. From dry van shipping, flatbed shippingreefer, to straight truck and car hauling services, you have it all in CTG Logistics company.
The CTG drivers are professionals and we mean it. From professional customer service to ensuring safe delivery, you can always rely on CTG for efficient logistics and freight services in Ontario
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