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As the COVID-19 pandemic impacted supply chains all over the world, the importance of having a reliable logistics partner has never been more important than it is today. Our goal as trucking company in Ontario region is to provide your business with innovative transportation solutions through empowering our employees with the latest cutting-edge technology and tools to ensure your shipment reaches its destination on time safely.

Our Services

Our secure and efficient transportation services will assist businesses in driving development. We have years of expertise handling many sorts of transportation projects, allowing us to assist our clients in focusing on their core skills and company operations. Our trucking firm delivers value to businesses at every level, from smart truck booking systems to on-time delivery of products anywhere in the country as one of the best trucking company in Ontario.
Given your business' dry van trucking needs are unique, CTG provides a personalized experience that fits your needs; whether they're national, regional, consistent or one-off. Be as far-reaching as you need with our dry van trailer services - while feeling like you are our only customer.
If your business is hauling anything oversize, uniquely shaped, or simply does not fit well in a dry van trailer - our flatbed solutions at CTG enable us to deliver your shipment in a safe and timely manner. Our flatbed decks are suitable for any construction, agriculture, manufacturer (both materials inbound and finished products outbound) or large equipment delivery needs.
CTG prioritizes maintaining the cold chain of the products we haul along with minimizing shipment time on the road. Whether your load contains perishable foods, fruits, dairy or pharmaceuticals and needs to be kept at -20 °C or 20 °C, our reefer shipping services will get your load safely and timely to its destination.
Straight Truck and LTL Shipping
For operations that do not require a fully dedicated 53' dry van or are working within a smaller budget, less than truckload (LTL) and straight truck solutions at CTG enable our customers to ship desired products in a flexible and cost efficient manner.
Auto Transport / Car Haul Shipping
With having both open and enclosed trailers, CTG focuses on the importance of delivering every car with care. Our reliable auto transport service offers the flexibility of trucking cars between assembly plants, sea ports, rail intermodal facilities/terminals and dealerships.

Keep your business growing with a partner that can respond to your changing logistics demands

CTG is the trucking company that has innovative equipment, current tools, and knowledge to provide our customers with critical transportation and supply chain solutions. 

We guarantee that companies will receive excellent-quality, timely, and secure transportation services regardless of time constraints, large load issues, or other related issues.
As the leading logistics services provider, we believe that people, technology, infrastructure, and knowledge all work together to help businesses flourish, and we will continue to supply the optimal mix of all of these.

The hallmark of CTG rests in our ability to promptly respond to the current and future needs of our customers. At CTG, we believe that your business is not only shipping freight - but also shipping a promise. Our mission is to deliver your promise.

Contact us today

If you have any questions, or if you would like a detailed breakdown of the exact costs for your family, kindly contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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